The P-System – even temperatures across film surfaces

Would you like to generate convergent and homogeneous temperature fields across large-area plastic films – for example during thermoforming or deep drawing of blister packaging and plastic trays?

Are you looking to achieve even surface heating on packaging films such as tubular, shrink or stretch films?   

Do you require a reliable and accurately-controllable surface temperature control system for film welding, hot pressing, sealing or vacuum-packing?

The solution for all these tasks is our flexible P-System for the surface heating of plastic films!

  • High precision: Gradual temperature deviations of only 2 °C guarantee a homogeneous temperature distribution across the entire area processed by the heating plate
  • Complete solution:  Ready-to-install system including connection and mounting technology for easy integration into machines, systems and devices
  • Individual: Customer and project-specific dimensioning, design, coating and configuration of all system components
  • Flexible: Connection voltages from 12 to 400 V and performance densities of up to 15 W/cm2

Improved process reliability for film technology

Using the surface heating plates in our P-System, we offer you an innovative system solution for the reliable generation of even and homogeneous temperature fields during the handling and processing of plastic films. The decisive factor is that the temperature values only vary minimally across the entire temperature control area when using a P-System surface heating plate by hotset; characteristic maximum deviations total a maximum of 2 °C. In this way, you obtain an exceptionally precise and reliable system which supports the manufacture of high-quality film products for packaging technology.

P-System surface heating plates by hotset are always complete solutions ready for installation, which are adapted optimally to the individual requirements of machine and system manufacturers in the various areas of film and packaging technology. Whether for the deep drawing of blister packaging or plastic pallets, for the welding of tubular bag films or for many other tasks – the P-System can be precisely aligned to any surface temperature control situation.

Individualization at all levels

The possibilities inherent in the customer and project-specific adaptation of our P-System surface heating plates extends to all components and levels. The design of the heat transfer plate, the selection of the heating element (hotflex tubular heating elements, hotform silicone heating elements etc.), the insulation plate material or the question of whether an installation space intermediate plate is required – all these can be designed to fit your specific application case. This also applies for the design of the cover plate with its plug-in contacts and fastening elements for installation into your deep drawing system, your blister packaging or vacuum-packing machine, your film welding equipment etc.  

We even offer a multitude of possibilities for the design of heat transfer plate surfaces: functional coatings with antistatic, non-stick and aseptic properties can be realized as well as surfaces with increased wear, abrasion and corrosion protection. In addition, we are able to take special requirements for sliding, surface hardness, chemical resistance, electric conductivity and easy-cleaning properties into account. And if required, we can also structure and mold the surfaces of our P-System surface heating plates.