Flexible stainless steel channels for cavity-close temperature control of molds

tempflex temperature channels are a flexible and favourable solution for cavity-close temperature control of molds in the injection molding industry, extrusion sector, thermoforming and casting industry. The reversible flexibility of this corrugated hose solution makes an easy installation of temperature channels for pre-heating, heating and cooling possible.

tempflex temperature channels offer you maximum scope for the realisation of complex laying patterns with tight radii and relieve you from time-consuming mechanical preparatory work on the cavities. There is no need for deep drilling! A tempflex channel is simply inserted into milled grooves and is immediately ready for use after connection to the media supply.

You can use tempflex temperature channels at operating temperatures of up to 250°C for applications with oil or water. Designed for a maximum pressure of 10 bar, a tempflex generates only minimal pressure loss even with tight installation radii. This supports energy-efficient temperature control!

tempflex temperature channels are available in lengths from 200 to 2,600 mm and in cross-sections of 8.0 mm x 8.0 mm and 12.0 mm x 12.0 mm. They are always supplied ready for assembly with plug-in couplings made of brass (metric) or stainless steel (inch). The hose element is made of stainless steel. tempflex temperature channels are low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant.

Tool and mold making in plastic processing and casting industry

In tool making in plastics technology and casting technology, tempflex temperature channels prove to be an extremely cost-effective solution for cavity-close temperature control due to their three-dimensional flexibility and easy handling. The main fields of application of the flexible corrugated hose construction are injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and metal casting.

Re-Engineering und Retrofitting

templex temperature channels are a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for the re-engineering and retrofitting of older or discarded molds. They enable targeted optimisation and modernisation of the cooling or heating system of even complex and heavily built-up molds. Rework, adjustments or corrections to existing cavities can be carried out quickly.

Maintenance and repair

With the tempflex temperature channels, maintenance, repair, overhaul service providers and toolmakers receive an ideal solution for the economic repair and overhaul of damaged or worn heating or cooling systems. As there is no need for expensive deep drilling, the tools can be quickly returned to series production thanks to tempflex.