hotflex / hotflex cs
Flexible Tubular Heaters

The hotflex / hotflex cs is worldwide the first tubular heater which can be manually bent in all three dimensions. Easiest handling, simple assembly, optimal thermal features and the simple storage (the hotflex / hotflex cs is supplied in straight condition with numerous lengths from stock) are outstanding product arguments.

Towards the traditional heating (e. g. with hotrod® cartridge heaters type HHP) the three dimensional bending of the hotflex / hotflex cs makes high flexibility possible for engineers.

With applications such as outline heating a better heat transition, considerable savings of the tool mass, replacements as well as lower energy consumption can be achieved. 

And thus also in round (Ø 6,5 mm and 8,5 mm) as well as in square shape (6 x 6 mm and 8 x 8 mm).

Stock Range

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Is my hotflex Original hotset?

In some countries there are third party companies that are claiming to be hotset distributors and do not have any association with hotset.

To ensure that you received and use original hotflex heaters from hotset here are some details to help you indentify them. (click here)

hotflex / hotflex cs Extensionfactors

Depending on the number of bends the hotflex / hotflex cs length can increase.
For a more precise calculation of the extension you might use our template for assistance:

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