Die Casting - Improving die-casting productivity!

hotset offers several products for the die casting industry: The hotcast® sealed heater (type GMH), the hotrod® cartridge heater for die casting (type HHP/G) and the corresponding temperature control technology.

World-Market-Leaders of hot chamber die casting machines trust in the over several decades proven hotset technology.

  • World wide service with application technology and sales support
  • Business partners in over 30 countries
  • Cover of national market for all industrial applications
  • Market segmentation with strategic business units
  • Individual national and international customer care (Key-Account)

Packaging - Proven solutions for packaging!

hotset offers a wide product range for a variety of different applications in the packaging industry: The hotflex® tubular heating element can be bent manually in three dimensions, the hotrod® cartridge heater and the hotspring® coil heater which can be used as a sealing head.

Numerous manufacturers of packaging machines profit from hotset's knowledge concerning special applications - also in humidity-sensitive fields such as e. g. food packaging.

Plastic Processing - Heat with confidence!

hotset offers a wide range of products for the processing of plastics such as a large variety of hotspring® coil heaters (type WRP) as well as innovative heating elements such as the hotflex® tubular heater and the hotslot® nozzle heater.

Heating elements are also designed and produced specifically to customer requirements, this coupled with hotset's expert advice results in a high level of process safety. Numerous manufacturers of plastics rely on the proven hotset technology - especially where exact temperature control is essential.

Hot Runner

The success of the hot runner technology is directly linked to the success of this company. hotset has managed to fulfill the ever increasing expectations of hot runner manufacturers with the consequent development of heating element as a result of their cooperation with customers.

The monitoring of market requirements (low cavity distance, tensibility of heating elements, precise heating of nozzle tips and so on) in conjunction with individual key-account care in the domestic market and abroad make hotset the preferred partner of hot runner manufacturers.